mali sabatasso

Mali Sabatasso has been in the fashion industry since the age of 16 yrs old. She began her journey in retail and ascended to the commercial director of a high end fashion house and was a buyer for several years in NY, Paris, and Milan. After a long journey of working for other designers she took a leap of faith and founded Mali Sabatasso Design.

Mali Sabatasso is now a flourishing jewelry and accessories designer and has been represented by some of the most exclusive boutiques and department stores in the world. The collections Mali designs are reflective of the culture and natural beauty she has found in places like the Aspen, the Hawaiian islands, St. Thomas, Senegal, France, and Indonesia, all places she has called home. Mali blends the timeless beauty of nature with the glamour of today’s fashion aesthetics manifesting a bohemian chic appeal unique to the industry. Her designs are a unique expression of her own personal journey, informed by a strong connection to nature and the healing power she had experienced in working with stones. Each piece of jewelry is lovingly created by hand from natural elements hand-picked from the earth, the sea, and sky.